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Montessori Spanish Series Montessori Spanish Series
Preschool and Elementary Spanish Materials


“The Spanish curriculum used hands-on lessons and was developed to suit the Montessori philosophy and environment of our school. The students used the manipulative materials to learn all aspects of Spanish–the vocabulary, grammar, culture, conversation, etc.”

Adele Fondo
Director of Maitland Montessori School — Maitland, Florida

“As a Montessori lead teacher of a 6 to 9 classroom, I have seen the sequential nature of the materials gradually build the children’s Spanish language skills in a fun and challenging way. The Pink, Blue and Green Reading Series are so easy to use that even teachers with little Spanish can help children develop their Spanish reading skills.”

Sunnyday Talbert
Teacher 6-9 years

“I have used the Montessori Spanish Series materials for five years with hundreds of preschool and elementary school students. The lessons are flexible enough to tailor the instruction to children of different ages and skill levels. The results have been outstanding. “

Esther Prado
Spanish Teacher Preschool to 3rd

“The classroom materials help me have independence and the crossword puzzles are my favorite.”

Student 3rd

“I like matching the cards. I like learning the names of things in Spanish.”


“My daughter benefited from Ms. Sands’ Spanish Program form first through fourth grade. Nora Sands is a dedicated teacher whose methods and materials helped lay a strong foundation for my daughter’s continued development.”

Guinevere Brightwell

I learned a lot, such as common phrases, names of animals, numbers and months of the year.

4th Grade