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Montessori Spanish Series Montessori Spanish Series
Preschool and Elementary Spanish Materials

Simple, Accessible Spanish For Kids

Montessori Spanish Series is a Spanish language teaching curriculum designed to prepare your child for a multilingual, multicultural future. It is proven that new languages are best taught at an early age, and kids everywhere are learning Spanish through a variety of methods.

A Time-Tested Approach to Teaching Spanish to Children

Montessori Spanish Series is designed around the established principles of Montessori instruction:

  • Children are different from adults in their capacity and motivation to learn new things.
  • Each child learns differently at a pace specific to their abilities and developmental needs
  • The most important years for establishing good learning habits are the first six years of life, when subconscious thinking is slowly but surely brought up to the conscious level

Parents want to rest assured that their child is receiving the best education possible to prepare them for an uncertain future—Spanish Montessori Series is dedicated to meeting the needs of both parent and child and improving the learning experience in the process.

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