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Pink Reading Series


The Spanish reading lessons are designed for use by children who are fluent in English. It can also be used to teach spanish speaking children to read. The primary purpose of the reading lessons is to teach basic Spanish reading so it is easier to decode the other lessons as well as to help with pronunciation.


The reading activities follow the Montessori teaching methodology using the Pink, Blue and Green System, ranging from three letter words to full sentences. The lessons begin with Spanish vowels, then move on to Spanish consonants that sound the same in English, and finally conclude with Spanish consonants that either have different sounds than their English counterparts or which have no English equivalent.

Pink Series: 3 letter phonetic words.
Activity 1: Contains 5 vowels sound cards.
Activity 2: Contains 14 consonants, 9 double sided picture cards, 39 word cards.

A detailed Teacher’s Lesson Plan is included for each Activity which enables Montessori teachers and parents with little or no previous experience in Spanish instruction to begin teaching Spanish immediately.