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Montessori Spanish Series Montessori Spanish Series
Preschool and Elementary Spanish Materials

About Montessori Spanish Series™

Montessori Spanish Series™ is a classroom tested program of Spanish lesson plans that are ideal for teaching pre-school and elementary school children the fundamentals of Spanish.  The program is designed to offer quality instruction and sufficient versatility to accommodate students of different ages and aptitudes. The Montessori Spanish Series curriculum was developed over the course of 10 years in the classroom, with feedback from thousands of students and teachers. The Spanish lessons are easy to teach, visually stimulating and fun and engaging for students.  Students can be expected to graduate from the program with all of the tools necessary to excel in secondary school Spanish classes.

What sets Montessori Spanish Series™ apart from many of its competitors is that it is a comprehensive Spanish curriculum. The complete series of Montessori Spanish lessons for children includes lessons on vocabulary, grammar and conversation within a curriculum that also provides a sense of Spanish history and culture. The lessons are designed to provide flexibility for the teacher in instructing students of varying ages and abilities. Each Spanish lesson is designed to be used repetitively throughout the school year to teach and reinforce fundamental concepts of vocabulary and build a base of knowledge that prepares the children for more advanced instruction. Detailed Spanish lesson plan outlines enable Montessori teachers with little or no previous experience in Spanish instruction to begin teaching Spanish immediately. The preschool and elementary Spanish materials include over 3,000 flash cards, matching cards and practice cards, crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring sheets, and a bingo game.

The curriculum is divided into separate Preschool Series and Elementary Series that can be purchased together at a combined discount or individually. Replacement materials for Montessori Spanish materials can be purchased by existing customers on an a la carte basis.