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Montessori Spanish Language Material for Children

The global population is quickly becoming more diverse and those with multilingual skills have a competitive advantage against their peers. In fact, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. The Montessori language material is uniquely structured to help young children learn Spanish as naturally as they learn their native language. At the same time, they develop superior cognitive skills and a wide range of verbal skills.

Our Montessori Spanish language plans have been tested in real-world classroom environments. This gives parents and teachers the reassurance of knowing that their children will be able to master the material too. Pre-school and elementary children enjoy learning from our fun, colorful and interactive material. The lesson plans cover grammar, vocabulary and conversations as well as animals, numbers, and transportation, for example.

Montessori lesson plans also include one or more interactive activities like word searches, games, coloring sheets, puzzles, practice cards and matching cards that help reinforce the lesson so they better retain what they learned. The Montessori language material is incredibly easy to teach and extremely engaging for children. They will learn the sounds, intonation patterns and practice roll-playing drills naturally. This helps them master the Spanish language material effortlessly.

Using our Montessori language material allows pre-school and elementary students to maximize their Spanish learning potential while their brains are still developing and mastering their native language skills. As they continue to grow and mature, this language fluency will thrive and continue to be as natural as their native language.

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