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Preschool and Elementary Spanish Materials

Montessori Spanish Series for Pre-School and Elementary School Children

Today’s world is moving at a fast pace and exposing your child to a second language early can help boost their growth and development. Since every child has a unique intellectual capability, their sensitivity levels and ability to absorb and learn new information is quite different from that of adults. The design and methodology of the best Spanish lesson plans for pre-school and elementary school takes into account all these factors contributing to making learning a more enjoyable experience. The first six years of a child’s life is very vital to learning because this is the stage when learning is brought from the subconscious to the conscious part of their mind.

With Montessori Spanish lessons, you can expose your youngsters to a Spanish language curriculum that’s designed to take into consideration the age and the learning capabilities of your child. Other than being child-centered and parent approved, Montessori Spanish lessons embodies different learning units that help in bringing out the full learning potential of children of all ages and backgrounds.

The Montessori Spanish Series is considered among the best Spanish lesson plans for pre-school and elementary school because it helps in preparing young children for a multilingual and multicultural future in a fun and natural manner. The curriculum’s timeless principles have proven results. The course is designed to not only boost your child’s level of inquisitiveness, but to reward their exceptional curiosity.

You will notice that the philosophy of Montessori Spanish lessons is unique. The activities that a child selects are based on his or her interests. The program is a holistic approach taking in a broad spectrum of activities including role play as well as group and individual learning tasks. This makes it fun to learn while preparing them to excel in their future academic and professional endeavors. Today, globalization has brought the world closer to home and having a bilingual education with a multilingual experience is a distinct advantage.

In the Spanish lessons for pre-school, toddlers will learn common classroom phrases, be able to count to twenty and identify animals and colors, among others. They will be able to tell you when they are hungry, identify the color of the family car and recite the type of pet they have at home all in Spanish. On the other hand, elementary school children will learn about greetings, family members, the months of the year and days of the week as well as conjugating verbs, for instance. This will enable them to be able to converse fluently in Spanish with other Spanish speaking individuals, including adults.  By learning Spanish at this age, it is not only a more natural experience; it is something they will not easily forget.

The Montessori Spanish Series curriculum can give pre-school and elementary school children a tremendous head start in learning a second language that is years ahead of their peers. Regardless of the unique needs of your child the Spanish lessons in this program will provide pre-school and elementary school children with the foundation they need to learn and master the Spanish language. For more information contact us today at 407-461-3437 or email us at