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Montessori Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids

The world is fast becoming a global village offering a competitive advantage to those who are bilingual. And with Spanish being the second highest spoken language in the world after English, it can be very beneficial to expose your child to learning foreign language skills early. Our “Montessori Spanish lesson plans for kids” is a program designed to help pre-school and elementary students learn a second language in a fun and interactive manner.

Montessori Spanish lesson plans teaches kids all the required elements for optimal learning at their own pace. As one of the most preferred methods of instruction Montessori lesson plans differentiates the speed, emphasis and method. The design of the instruction is done in a manner consistent with the child’s learning experience. Being bilingual also enhances the child’s ability to execute a wide range of tasks, therefore helping them succeed in school and later in life.

Developing an in-depth understanding of the Spanish language is more difficult when kids reach their high school years.  Starting earlier at the elementary and even pre-school ages helps them develop a much stronger recognition ability in Meta language-skills that will most likely be retained for life. More importantly, Montessori Spanish for kids helps them take advantage of future opportunities that require bilingual professionals.

The Montessori Spanish lesson plans also include fun activities such as musical performances and cooking competitions where kids will have an opportunity to practice Spanish grammar, vocabulary and phonetic skills.

For more than ten years, thousands of kids have mastered Spanish language skills from the classroom tested Montessori lesson plans. Parents and teachers can download Spanish lesson packages for pre-school and elementary kids and begin teaching Spanish immediately. Contact us at 407-461-3437 or visit us online to order today!